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The people who originally owned this house were very wealthy. It was the largest and most elaborate house in Mountain Lakes at the time. There was a servants quarters down the hill and to the side (although some said they were actually poor relatives of the homeowners. (Like today it was a small gossipy town.)

Called "Green Gables" in Mountain Lakes Incorporated's promotional literature, it had 20 rooms, 7 baths, and a separate servants wing. It had five fireplaces, a master bedroom measuring 16-1/2 feet by 24 feet, and a third floor billiard room measuring 16 feet by 34 feet. These pictures were taken around 1912-13.

The porte cochere (portico over the driveway) was large enough to fit two horse and buggys through side by side which is important because buggys are difficult to back up. This feature was the talk of the town although mostly of theoretical interest since most people in town had automobiles by then.

There are a unusually large number of photos of this house. Perhaps this was done by Herbert Hapgood, the original developer of Mountain Lakes as a help in selling such a great house. It is also possible that, because of their wealth, the homeowners were able to have many pictures taken.

There are several views of this house. Continue to scroll down until you have seen them all.

The next four pictures are of the front of the house

Here are three pictures of the rear of the house

As can be seen from the previous pictures, the backyard of this house was initially unattractive.  Someone, either the homeowners or Hapgood as a selling point, had an artist draw on a more attractive backyard!

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