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What is West Nile virus - a mild virus of birds that is transmitted by the common house mosquito.  Threat usually in those over 40 years old; fatalities rare, usually limited to those over age 60. Symptoms, if they appear, show in 1-2 weeks. If virus occurs, threat is late in summer, NOT spring because disease must build up in bird population. Typical nuisance mosquitoes don't carry West Nile virus.

Morris County Response we will monitor mosquito population levels and for presence of the disease (in mosquitoes and in birds).  Control efforts will be intensified if disease shows up, targeting the aquatic stage of the mosquito first, then the adult mosquitoes. We will coordinate with scientists at Rutgers University and with the State Office of Mosquito Control Coordination and Health Departments to watch for West Nile virus.

How You Can Help - Clean up containers that hold water around your yard- buckets, bird baths, tires, pool covers, wading pools, gutters.  The house mosquito needs permanent, standing water to multiply- you CAN make a difference by removing these sources! Do not dump grass clippings and yard waste in ditches, streams, catch basins. Creating standing water may increase house mosquito numbers this way.

The Morris County Mosquito Extermination Commission employs a modern, integrated approach to mosquito control that meets or exceeds the protocol of the EPA Pesticide Environmental Stewardship Program- we monitor mosquito numbers and control these insects only when necessary, using water management, controlling the aquatic stages of mosquitoes with products specific to them, and doing limited adult mosquito control as a last resort.  We have a staff of 9 Inspectors and 13 Water Management personnel who continually survey known mosquito producing areas throughout the County and implement appropriate control measures when necessary.

Web Sites NJ Mosquito Commission or The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for more information on West Nile virus

BOTTOM LINE We have a thorough, efficient system in place to prevent an outbreak of this disease and to manage nuisance mosquitoes.

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