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1911 - 2011
Early Settlers in Mountain Lakes

Mountain Lakes Settlers, 1911

Cornerstone Greeting

And so across the years we give you this our friendly greeting.  And out of the past comes this wish, the best that we can frame for you:

That the MOUNTAIN LAKES, which you shall know, shall have fulfilled the splendid promise of the MOUNTAIN LAKES of 1912.  That the pure air shall still be untainted by factory fumes, the serene blue of your sky undimmed by palls of smoke.  That the water from your artesian wells shall be as crystal, as clear, and as wholesome as that which we enjoy.  That the scanty forest derelicts of our day shall have given place to stately shade trees umbrageous and beautiful.  That your vegetable beds shall be prolific, your orchard boughs bend beneath the burden of abundant fruitage, your flower gardens old-fashioned and alluring, your emerald lawns like your lives -- all velvet.  That the Mountain Lake and the Wildwood Lake which you shall call yours shall be as lovely to your eyes as to-day they are to ours.  That in all her aspects and through all the changing phases of the year, in the vernal green of spring, the full tide of summer, the glory of the painted hills of autumn, and the witchery of winter ice storms, MOUNTAIN LAKES in the maturity of her charms shall give to you the pleasure and the joy she has given us in her youth.

And while thus bespeaking for you in a MOUNTAIN LAKES better still than that of to-day in what is material and external, one further wish is ours, that the spirit of the place may endure; that the friendliness and neighborliness, the ready sympathy and the good will, the simplicity and frankness and comradery, which we have known and which have contributed so much to our lives here, may persist to your day and pervade and make pleasant the living in the MOUNTAIN LAKES you shall know.

Signed for the Association by the Directors:

John L. Houston, President
Lawrence W. Luellen, Vice-President
Eugene A. Colby, Secretary
Charles B. Reynolds, Treasurer
George W. McGown
Albert Gallatin Havens
Leslie H. Backer
Alfred Weller
Albert G. Garnaus