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Municipal Clerk

Michele Reilly, CMR, is the Borough's Municipal Clerk and Registrar of Vital Statistics.  In New Jersey, the Municipal Clerk occupies one of the most important and exacting positions in municipal government.  In many instances it is the hub of municipal operations.  The office of the Municipal Clerk is historical in its traditions, serving as a direct link between residents and their local government.  The Municipal Clerk is an important public relations figure in the municipal organization.  It is often said the clerk is expected to know everything about the operations of the municipality and about how to accomplish what needs to be done.  The Municipal Clerk is entrusted with numerous and diverse duties under both State law and local ordinances.  The Municipal Clerk serves as secretary to the Governing Body, secretary to the Municipal Corporation, Election Official (under Title 19), and Administrative Official at the municipal government level.  Ms. Reilly's telephone number is 973-334-3131.

The Municipal Clerk's office issues various licenses & permits under state statute and local ordinances.  These licenses include: Liquor licenses, Raffles, Food Handlers licenses and Dog and Cat licenses; permits include: Road Openings, Solicitors, and Lake Construction.

Registrar of Vital Statistics

Ms. Reilly also serves as Registrar of Vital Statistics.  It is the responsibility of the Registrar of Vital Statistics to record all births, deaths and marriages occurring within the Borough of Mountain Lakes.  The accumulation of information from vital records provides data about the events that occur throughout the entire State of New Jersey.  In addition, the Registrar is also responsible for issuing marriage licenses, marriage certificates, birth certificates and death certificates.  The Registrar hours are generally 9-1 daily.

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